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The Canadian Fire story

It waited 3 billion years for the right girl

Sometime after the earth began, deep within the earth’s core, carbons came together. With time and pressure, the carbons crystallised into the most precious object in the world - a diamond. There it waited for 3 billion years, until a volcano erupted, taking it on a turbulent journey to the earth’s surface and coming to rest beneath a glacial lake in Canada’s Arctic North.

Introducing CanadianFire, a diamond pure and natural. Every CanadianFire diamond is mined and polished to the highest standards uncovering its rare beauty and brilliance. Each diamond comes with a Certificate of Origin confirming that it was mined in Canada’s Arctic North. Our stringent monitoring system follows your diamond from the mine, through the refining facility, to you – the only programme of its kind in the world. Only diamonds of the finest purity and craftsmanship qualify to receive our CanadianFire Certificate of Authenticity, the highest level of certification.

What We Stand For

Locked for millions of years in Canada’s remote, frozen North, each CanadianFire diamond is 100% pure and mined with care and respect to our planet and its people.

CanadianFire diamonds are mined in a way that provides social and economic benefits to the northern communities of Canada, while also meeting the highest environmental standards in the world.

The purity of its creation makes it the perfect symbol of love, peace and honesty.

QUALITY: The Four Cs

To carry the CanadianFire name, a diamond must meet specific and very narrow criteria for colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. Only diamonds that are graded as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ with regard to cut, symmetry and polish can bear the CanadianFire brand.

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environmentally-ethical origins

Sourced at the Ekati and Diavik Diamond Mines, 200km south of the Arctic Circle, CanadianFire diamonds are prized for their quality, as well as their ‘conflict-free’ and environmentally-ethical origins.

Qualified experts with immense experience in the diamond industry oversee the cutting, polishing and sorting of rough diamonds. Their commitment is your assurance that standards of quality and craftsmanship will be consistently upheld.

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Canadian Fire Landscape