Your CanadianFire diamond is unique, as it comes with an assurance that guarantees the country of origin, its authenticity and
its high standards of quality.

CanadianFire diamonds are natural, untreated and crafted to perfection using the most advanced cutting technology.

CanadianFire Diamonds are placed in exquisite rings to showcase the diamonds brilliance and intensity.


Locked for millions of years in Canada’s remote, frozen North, each CanadianFire diamond is 100% pure and mined with care and respect to our planet and its people.

CanadianFire diamonds are mined in a way that provides social and economic benefits to the northern communities of Canada, while also meeting the highest environmental standards in the world.The purity of its creation makes it the perfect symbol of love, peace and honesty.

Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine, Dominion Diamond’s EKATI, is the source of the world’s most sought after diamonds. Your diamond started its journey here, right at the heart of the North Western region of Canada. CanadianFire diamonds are mined and refined following the ‘Kimberly Process’. This process ensures that your diamond is free from conflict.

Independent audit systems ensure that your CanadianFire diamond is natural and untreated with no changes to its colour or clarity. The standards of quality and craftsmanship will be consistently upheld from discovery right through to the finished stone. You can rest assured that your CanadianFire diamond has been mined with care and respect to our planet and its people.

Canadian Fire Landscape

CanadianFire Tracking Process

CanadianFire diamonds are all mined in Canada adhering to its strict social and environmental laws.

Once the diamonds leave the 
earth they are tracked by
 a transparent process through 
our cutting and refining 
facility to our retail jewellers.
 Once polished, each diamond is 
permanently laser inscribed with
 a unique Diamond Identification Number (DIN). We then inspect each diamond to ensure that it meets our high standards of cut and quality. Only then do we issue our CanadianFire Certificate of Origin, which serves as your guarantee that the diamond you are purchasing:

  1. Is mined in Canada in a socially and environmentally correct manner.
  2. Is a 100% genuine natural diamond.
  3. Has passed our rigorous inspection for quality and cut.

A CanadianFire diamond certified for its origin and tracked from the earth right to your finger is a diamond that is more valuable and will hold its worth forever. You will never have any doubt as to its quality or authenticity.

Find out more about CanadianFire Certification here.